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6'x3'x4" Folding Landing Mat

Our Price: $185.00
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Manufacturer: Z-Athletic

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  • Covered by high quality 18 oz. vinyl
  • This mat is 4 inches thick and makes a great mat for cushioning falls and landings
  • Contains an open cell foam core for a softer cushion
  • Folds up for easy handling and storage
  • Dimensions
    • Unfolded: 6'x3'x4"
    • Folded: 3'x3'x8"
  • Makes a wonderful gift during the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions
  • We recommend this mat to be put on top of a 4ft wide mat when in use by young children to early teenagers
We offer a local pick up discount for our equipment.  Please call for details.

These mats often have a smell when they are first purchased. You may find the mat has a rubber or plastic scent. Even eco-friendly mats can have a strange scent in the beginning. This is natural, and will fade with time and use. In the meantime, continue to air the mat outside and try wiping it down with a tea tree oil/water or lemon/water mixture. Due to the size of this item a physical address is required for shipment; PO Boxes are not permitted.