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The Z Team is a select group of passionate athletes and coaches, each sharing a love and appreciation for the Z Athletic brand.

They exist to support and encourage fellow gymnasts and athletes throughout the community, as well as to promote the brand through creative social media and community engagement.

Each year, during the Fall and Spring seasons, we accept applications and select new ambassadors based on enthusiasm, activeness within the gymnastics community, and magnitude of influence across a wide variety of social media platforms.

While increasing positive awareness of the Z Athletic brand is a critical component of our ambassador program, our greater purpose and overarching mission is to grow, strengthen, and inspire the future generation of gymnasts in our community. 

Benefits & Perks

  • Z Athletic will provide you with all the essential tools and tips for promoting our brand including a welcome package containing one team mat, our best selling chalk, and an exclusive discount code for personal use PLUS free shipping on all personal purchases.
  • Exclusive access to new pro-type products
  • Monthly ambassador engagement contests
  • The chance to co-host a giveaway of a select Z Athletic product
  • Brand-backed support of your social media channels to help grow your influence in the gymnastics equipment and fitness community.
  • Real-world marketing experience.


  • Public social media channels
  • Post at minimum of 4 clear and clutter free posts or reels of you using your Z Athletic products each month of the term
  • Be creative! Showcase the versatility of our products by sharing photos + reels with a variety of skills and settings. Anyone can take a photo with our products, we want to see how you put them to use!
  • Consistently hashtag: #ZAthletic, #ZAthleticcam, #ZAthleticambassador while remaining respectful and promoting Z Athletic in an appropriate manner.
  • Participation and effectiveness are reviewed and rewarded monthly!

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March 14 - March 24

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