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Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Supports

Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Supports

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When you’re performing your routine or practicing for a competition, the focus should be on your fluidity and technicality. The last thing you want to worry about is a sharp, searing pain in your wrists. These incredible wrist braces are made to keep your wrists secure and stabilized throughout your routine, supporting the delicate muscles in your wrists to keep them from getting strained or sprained. Tiger Paws are known for their ability to help prevent strains, sprains, hyperextensions, and even carpal tunnel. Primarily used by gymnasts and cheerleaders alike, Tiger Paws have been sold to a variety of athletes including: platform high divers, bicyclists, yoga enthusiasts, boxers, and more! When you first order your Tiger Paws Wrist Wraps, they will be stiff; many first-time users may worry that they purchased the wrong size. However, Tiger Paws are supposed to be snug and tight. This helps ensure greater wrist support.

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